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Meet the Team

Meet the personalities that create the
venerated Goldcrest ambiance.

    Hillel Hertz

    Standing at the forefront of every Goldcrest endeavor, Hillel brings his wealth of knowledge and experience in the real estate industry by providing business structures, supervised acquisitions, secure loans, and managing investments. His proficiency in deal underwriting, property management, and plan execution reflect his position as a visionary whose valued leadership builds company culture and long- lasting investor relations.

      Mark Hirsch

      Mark oversees all operations at Goldcrest, increasing efficiency and profitability with unmatched attention to detail.  Astute and well-organized, he draws on his experience in deal underwriting, analysis, and financing to maintain data-driven procedures and monitor company costs. With his innate creativity, holistic management style, and strong interpersonal skills, Mark wins the trust and esteem of clients and employees, alike.

        Yehuda Weissman

        Building on experience as a senior CPA with a strong focus in the real estate industry, Yehuda brings his extensive knowledge of trusts, tax effects, and complex real estate transactions to the Goldcrest team. With attention to detail, insight, and precision, Yehuda conducts financial reporting and analysis across Goldcrest’s operations

          VP of Operations
          Larry Klor

          Building on experience in deal underwriting and business planning & execution, Larry maintains strong on-site presence, organization, and leadership. Ever ambitious, he smoothly handles a multitude of responsibilities and incorporates innovative solutions at each juncture. With valuable insight and creativity, Larry guides Goldcrest staff to promptly reach significant goals.

            Administrative Director
            Laura Segal

            Laura’s expertise as the direct contact for a diversity of Goldcrest affiliates secures seamless operations on numerous fronts. Having been a dedicated employee of the company since its inception, she skillfully negotiates with property staff and tenants, government officials, and attorneys. Laura proficiently manages budgeting and accounting matters, as well as coordinates closings and leases, steering Goldcrest endeavors to yield satisfying returns.

              Penina Caller

              Penina brings her breadth of knowledge and experience in accounting and property management to the Goldcrest team. Holding a Masters in Accounting from Fairleigh Dickinson University, she meticulously handles all audit and account-related affairs.

                Property Liaison
                Malka Fried

                Using efficiency and problem-solving skills, Malka promotes the effective running of daily operations. Involved in business, financial, and management aspects of various properties, she applies her written, communicative, and organizational skills to provide immediate resolution for concerns and to generate success.

                  Regional Manager
                  Roey Malul

                  Roey’s long time experience in property management and construction drives success at sites across Camden County.  Diligent and organized, he serenely navigates the myriad of demands that benefit from his proficiency and innovative problem resolution.

                    Regional Manager
                    Moshe Tress

                    Moshe heads a committed team of on-site workers to successfully oversee the maintenance and upkeep of various Goldcrest properties. Hardworking and methodical, he views any problem as a challenge that can be resolved. As a motivated leader with strong organizational skills, Moshe has a unique ability to plan ahead and exceed expectations.

                      Regional Manager
                      Jay Fisher

                      Using talent and strong interpersonal skills, Jay delivers a consistent and superior level of service to diverse residential communities. His communicative skills and professionalism produce strong coordination and positive results. Jay leads his crew to achieve higher performance, with an exceptional ability to enhance individual staff growth potential.

                        Regional Manager
                        David Klein

                        David provides unequaled assistance to residents and team members, building and retaining high performance. Proficient in customer service and maintenance knowledge, David uses his effective negotiation and problem-solving skills to generate smooth operations.

                          Acquisitions/ Asset Manager
                          Yitzy Fried

                          Using experience in different markets to build a realistic business plan, Yitzy ensures a smooth transition from the seller to our systems. He provides internal analytics and procedures to monitor the performance of our properties from every angle of management, strategizing on how to overcome the property’s challenges, improve performance, and save on cost. Using numbers to generate the full potential of our assets, Yitzy brings our business plan to fruition.

                            Director of AP
                            Rivky Landman

                            Rivky’s advanced understanding of accounting principles enables her to proficiently manage the Accounts Payable department. Her attention to detail and analytical skills maintain 100% accuracy. With outstanding problem-solving and management skills, Rivky is a key player in the smooth running of Goldcrest Properties.

                              Leah Shonek

                              With devotion and ease, Leah puts her expertise towards performing a variety of duties, such as maintaining the general ledger, reviewing financial statements, and bank reconciliation. Her analytical thinking, organization, and knowledge create flawless results.

                                Director of Human Resources
                                Rivka Fulda
                                With extensive HR experience under her belt and an MBA from North Park University of Chicago, Rivka is a driving force behind our company’s success. Passionate about creating a vibrant and inclusive work environment, Rivka spearheads innovative HR strategies that foster employee growth and satisfaction. Her approachable demeanor and exceptional communication skills make her a trusted ally for our diverse workforce, always ensuring their well-being and professional development.

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